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I may not like to wear pants, but I wear an awful lot of hats. The Director of Education for the  Golden Crown Literary Society, I also teach English Comp and Early British Literature for Johnston Community College, Advanced Studies in Literature for Southern New Hampshire University, and craft of writing for the GCLS Writing Academy.  Since I'm addicted to education, I will be starting a doctoral program in English Pedagogy in January. (I figure if I live to be 185, I'll pay off all the student loans.) In addition to my penchant for education,  I am a writer with six published books and stories in several anthologies. I recently completed my official Canadian immigration process and moved to a small town in British Columbia. (This involved driving from St. Catharine's, Ontario to Princeton, British Columbia in a Sprinter van with my wife, our 60 pound, 14-year-old dog, and our intrepid traveler cat, Gordo.) I just completed my seventh book, a sequel to the award-winning Coyote Ate the Stars and am currently working on a contemporary drama. 

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Me and Gordo - two intrepid explorers just outside of Banff, Alberta.

Me and Gordo - two intrepid explorers just outside of Banff, Alberta.





Available at Amazon, Sapphire Books Publishing, Laurel Bookstore.

Or ask at your local library or any local bookstore.

Coming Around Again. 2018. Sapphire Books Publishing.

Coyote Ate the Stars. 2018. (Writing as E.A. Van Stralen) Self-published.

Eating Life. 2017. Sapphire Books Publishing.

The Love Sucks Club. 2015. Sapphire Books Publishing.

Andy's Song. 2014. Sapphire Books Publishing.

Man Enough. 2012. Sapphire Books Publishing. (Out of print.)


"The Cyclical Closet." 2020 The HerStry Project. 

"A Night Out." 2017. Happy Hours. LGBT Voices from the Gay Bars. Flashpoint Publications.

"It was an Affair." 2017. Conference Call. Bella Books Publishing.

"The Girl Next Door." 2017. Girls Next Door. Bold Strokes Books Publishing.

"Our Mother's Daughters." 2016. Our Stories Continue. Sapphire Books Publishing.

"The Cost of Love." 2016. The One. Sapphire Books Publishing.

"This is a True Story." 2016. Lesbian Connection.

"Your Body." 2016. Sinister Wisdom.

"My Voice." 2015. Voice from the Land. Without a Fish Publishing. 

"Michigan Womyn's Music Festival." 2015. Lesbian Connection.

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