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Coming Around Again


 What happens when you meet the right woman at the wrong time? Against all reason, Karma and Jane are drawn together, soulmates destined to fall in love. A few sweet kisses and an acute sense of homecoming lead the young women to believe that they might have met their “one.” However, despite their love and attraction, the two women are torn apart by their fundamental differences.

Brought up in a religious family, Jane is convinced being a lesbian is a sin. Controlled by an emotionally abusive mother, Jane has learned that living under the radar is the best way to survive. Ashamed of her homosexuality, and embarrassed by Karma’s unapologetic lifestyle, Jane decides to come out in the best way that she can—by dating a woman who is also in the closet.

Karma, raised to be proud of herself exactly the way she is, somehow finds herself in an abusive relationship with the darkly sexy Crash. Unable to extricate herself, and shamed by Jane’s apparent embarrassment of Karma’s vibrancy, she gives up on the idea of a happily ever after and focuses instead on becoming the woman Crash wants.

A set of deeply complex supporting characters alternately help and hinder Karma and Jane as they set out to discover if there is a chance for the two of them, or if true love really only comes once in a lifetime. 

Eating Life


 Carefree and irrepressible, Casey Wilde has spent her life running. Running from love, running from responsibility, and running from commitment. Megan Woodson, Casey’s best friend, has spent her life building security with a long-term partner and a well-paying, highly respected position in the best ad agency in Memphis. Ben Stagg is a man who has lost everything, including the desire to live. And Brilliant Wilson is a photographer who can’t quite figure out why she keeps dating women who don’t love her. Faced with painful and pressing decisions, the group is forced to confront their own life choices.

When their worlds collide and everything starts to fall apart, these friends must learn that the only important decision is the one to follow their hearts. 

Coyote Ate the Stars


 Obese and disfigured, Coyote Jones has spent his life in hiding. Trapped by the demands of his abusive mother and his mentally-ill sister, Coyote spends his day working to pay the family bills. When his dead father shows up to ask him to come to another world and save it from destruction, Coyote is forced to confront his self-imposed prison and the fear that keeps him in chains.With his sister, his father, and a strange group of new friends, Coyote will cross Adumbrate to stop the evil, even if he has to give his own life in the process. 

Coyote Ate the Stars won first-place in fiction in the Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. 

The Love Sucks Club


 Tragedy and heartbreak drive Dana McComb to a Caribbean island where she sets about to becoming a hermit. Settling into numbness seems to be the only way to suppress the psychic visions that once showed her the death of her soul mate. A failed rebound relationship leaves her even more intent on losing herself in the loneliness of her isolated house on the hill. With her middle-aged, beef jerky obsessed Tom cat, Dana vows to live a life devoid of ups and downs. Making fun of her own state of mind, she and her best buddy start "The Love Sucks Club" which is really just a euphemism for sitting around bitching about their own bitterness about love. Trying to stay wrapped in her own misery starts to fail when Dana's pesky younger sister and a host of other island misfits insist on poking into her best laid plans for comfort. When a new woman shows up on island, bringing back Dana's visions, she is suddenly besieged by night terrors, vivid hallucinations, and panic attacks. Half-convinced she's going crazy, Dana tries to shut out her past with increasing difficulty. Aware that it may be the only way to put her dead lover to rest, Dana begins a journey that could either shatter her life or save it. 

Andy's Song


 Is there more to life than sex? Andy Ericksson is trying to find out. She’s had a pretty easy life. She’s sexy, she’s tough, and she has a trust fund that ensures she will never have to work a “normal” job. She has a circle of adoring friends and all of the hot, casual sex she could want. It’s a recipe for a great time. However, lately, Andy has started to feel that something is missing. Casual sex isn’t cutting through the loneliness. Her best friend falls in love with someone else, her ex-girlfriend makes an appearance, and she meets someone who isn’t willing to be a one-night stand. Andy’s world is changing and she’s not sure that she’s changing with it. In the midst of Andy’s turmoil, everyone in her life suddenly seems to be spouting new age wisdom and finding inner peace.

Through the changing of one relationship and the beginning of another, Andy struggles to open her heart without sacrificing her freedom or alienating those she loves the most. 

Man Enough


 Things are going well for Davey Carter. She loves her job and she has a comfortable bed. Granted, her love life is non-existent, her pot-smoking mother is wreaking havoc in her apartment, and she is starting to suspect that her lesbian best friend might be secretly in love with her. But none of that matters when Davey meets Danny, a kind, loving, intelligent man who just may be the love of Davey's life. Until it turns out that Danny is harboring a secret of his own. 

Man Enough was my first book and it was a labor of love. And though I had sensitivity readers and did a lot of research, the language around gender identity has changed so much in the past decade, the book is wildly out of date. While I still love everything about this story, I've stopped sales of it to give it a gender-identity update. I will let you know as soon as it is back on the market. 

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