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Plot and Story - This is my passion. It is hard to have a good novel without a solid structure. One of my favorite workshops/classes involves teaching students how to follow a story structure to create the beats needed to keep a reader interested.

Natural Dialogue - Some of the biggest errors I see in newer writers come in dialogue. This presentation teaches students how to use alternate forms of dialogue, avoid dialogue tags when necessary, and avoid irrelevant information dumps in conversation. 

Self-care for Writers - I've presented this topic at several conferences. Based on my in-person and online self-love classes, this presentation is tailored to help writers focus on their own mental and physical health without sacrificing creativity.

Diversity and Inclusion in Literature - This presentation is an important exploration of the need for representation in literature. I've presented this at conferences and as one of the keynote speakers at the Library of Michigan's Loleta Fyan Small and Rural Libraries Conference. 

I have also done countless author readings and panels on everything from creating conflict in fiction to injecting humor into your writing and I have moderated author spotlights and panels. I am a college instructor and I have been teaching for the GCLS Writing Academy for several years. This experience has helped me craft a dynamic teaching style designed to allow all students to feel included and inspired.

I am available for library talks, bookstore events, and other celebrations of books and authors.

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I have a passion for teaching and presenting. I believe in injecting humor and compassion into knowledge. I am a staunch supporter of equity in education. Click here to contact me

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